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Apple Goes Enterprise

(Thursday 14th of August 2008)

Sometime soon we might stop harping on about how cool the new enterprise-savvy iPhone 2.0 is; just not yet. Our favourite feature this week is the ability to view and zoom PDF format attachments right from within your email using the 'stretch' and 'pinch' finger movements on the iPhone's touch screen.

iPhone 2.0

(Tuesday 24th of June 2008)

God bless Apple. The much promised enterprise software and second incarnation of their watershed device the iPhone is going to be here very soon.

Unprepared Telesales Calls

(Wednesday 11th of June 2008)

I'm sure as all businesses do, we get a lot of telesales enquiries. Just lately, however, we've had a spate of them trying to sell us services we ourselved provide.

Do telesales operators not look at the services a businss provides before calling? Surely it's a waste of your time and ours not to? 5/10, see me after class!


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» VMware's vSphere out this week. Bring the cloud to your business.

Wednesday 20th of May 2009 01:06:06 PM

» Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 now with copy and paste. Our iPhone developer status allows us to trial early.

Tuesday 17th of March 2009 10:08:07 PM

» Afer seeing Robert Mitchell doing 'Flashdance', BlueCoffee upped our modest donations to 2009's Red Nose Day.

Sunday 15th of March 2009 07:42:16 PM

» Google latitude, could this be the end. Now Google know everything, including where we are!

Thursday 05th of February 2009 10:00:34 AM

» BlueCoffee now remotely working with iPhone 2.0s and loving their touch screen slickness!

Wednesday 23rd of July 2008 10:11:36 AM


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